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S&T Chemical Services is not just another treatment company. We started off initially as a Landscape company and have had 20 years experience working with Texas trees, plants, and grasses. We say "grasses" because we consider every different type of turf and situation before recommending a treatment program. Along with
insect treatments, we might recommend cutting back foliage at least 2 inches away from your house's sides and roof lines to prevent insects from gaining access into your home. If your lawn is showing "damage signs" from fungus or insects we rake out the dead grass areas, treat them, and spread a few bags of nice lawn soil. This ensures your lawn will have a faster recovery than if we simply treat the area and leave. Do you need a $350 bag worm spray in your trees, or do you need a $75.00 consultation on how you can solve your Web Worm problem with no chemicals? We go above and beyond to help you maintain a healthy, beautiful outdoor landscape, by not just having the chemical treatment itself in mind. Our employees understand that they are not there at your property to simply treat it, but to first evaluate, diagnose, and then treat or recommend solutions to the problem. Call us! We do more than just give you an estimate over the phone. We like your business, but we love your landscape! Let us prove it. Call or email us now to discuss your problem or treatment needs. (817)-473-2103 or info@sandtlandscape.com. TDA 0577285

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