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My name is Steven Bartlett Jr. I am a "lawn mower man." I am someone who has raked leaves, trimmed trees, spread fertilizers, built flowerbeds, pushed a lawn mower, trimmed bushes, pruned plants back, cultivated soil, and watched the seasons change while going to school right here in the DFW area for 16 years. I began trimming trees with my father's no-name company when I was old enough to not get in his way. When I wasn't cutting trees with my father, I was pushing a lawn mower down the street asking to mow a yard for $10.00 a cut. In my spare time, I hammered together scrap lumber that my mother would pick up from the lumber yard on her way home from work. While my father's outdoor landscape lessons continued, my mother had me enrolled in every art lesson/development class available. As an artist and a manual laborer, my passion grew quickly into a love for the outdoors, and ultimately landscaping. I always took art classes in school from Pre-K lessons all the way through college. I took sculpture, sketching, painting, and other classes at the Upstairs Gallery, Fielder Road Museum, and others. I combined this artistic ability with my love for geology and the way nature functions and flows together.

My team has visions for unique and functional landscapes. Our landscape designs with hardscapes make the plants, decorative cobble, bushes, flagstone, ornamental trees, landscape lighting accents, and ornate boulders work together to bring it all to life. It is one thing to get schooling in geology, biology, and landscape construction, but it's another thing to "live it" while you are also going to school for it. I did it that way, and it and it turned out great!

Being active and involved with the outdoors and working my way through each summer laboring for 2 major landscaping firms in the late 80's, I feel this gave me a huge head start when I opened a small lawn company called Surf & Turf Landscape Management in 1992. The "Surf" stood for the pool cleaning side of the business, but it was quickly put to the wayside as S&T Landscape flourished and needed all of my attention. S&T Landscape has now been operating for 19 years, and has become a full-service company that offers true solutions and not just bandages.

Why settle for regular service(s) and do it three times over, when you can have a unique, beautiful and long-lasting result the first time for a fair price? We provide a multitude of professional services that go above and beyond your typical landscape company because we are a service company. We bring honesty, professionalism, and beauty into everything we do, and we do it for a great price! Bottom line, we strive to make the customer happy, so in-turn, we simply maintain your business for life.

Our lawn maintenance service is second to none. Our crews are trained to actually cut your lawn correctly. Yes, I said correctly. We strive for your business small or large. We do residential and commercial maintenance and construction. We specialize in attention to detail here at S&T Landscape, so residential maintenance is right up our alley. Typically, The S&T Family residential properties are always manicured with small push mowers on average sized lawns, hilly areas, thin grass places, around eroded turf edges, and of course, by customer request. We mow your lawn your way! We rarely have problems, but if we do accidentally keep hitting that sprinkler head by the driveway edge, we are always willing to replace it, and make a special note on the list, so we remember to avoid it in the future. We also handle large commercial maintenance accounts and have had median contracts with the 2 different cities.

We take steps to answer field and office phones and return messages within 24 business hours, and we are proactive to resolve minor issues before they become a problem. We are waiting to serve you. Let us prove it.

S&T Tree Service provides professionalism, fair pricing, and peace of mind. Myself, as well as my tree climbers,
The S&T Family
with just under $2,000 of fall protection equipment used per man, have proven ourselves as qualified professionals time after time. We buy all of our fall protection gear from Wespur Equipment suppliers out of California. We are rigged for the big trees and the little ones. I feel that with having more than 20 years combined experience climbing and trimming trees, a father before me that had his own company who showed me all the lessons he had learned, a previous happy customer reference list, and one million dollars general liability insurance policy from Farmers insurance, your property is safe and secure with us. Let us come out and shake your hand while we present you with an estimate, and you will know that you have made the right choice.

We recommend the best solution(s) for your tree needs or concerns. We prune trees to better establish upward growth. We trim the trees to "re-train" them to become better, healthier trees. We tie ropes around limbs, cut the limb, and safely lower the tree branch in "danger areas." We understand the dangers of pruning around power lines. That's why we are trained appropriately and enforce stringent safety equipment policies at every jobsite. For example, every man wears a hardhat at all times while on the jobsite. We know trees, and we care about the safety of our employees, as well as your property.

While living and working in the outdoors here in Texas my entire life, I have done nothing but worked on landscapes, watched the seasons change, and bass fished. Here at S&T we feel at one with the environment around us and understand when, why, and how these environmental changes affect your landscape, as well as the world around us. This knowledge makes it even better when analyzing the health of your lawn, bushes, trees, and other foliage. With our knowledge of the insects, foliage, and seasonal changes here in Texas, it made sense for us to begin providing a complete, licensed chemical service.

We developed S&T Chemical Services out of necessity at first, simply to serve our regular lawn maintenance customers. Our turf treatment, fertilization, and insecticide services are second to none. A knowledgeable landscaper makes a great chemical applicator! We are experts in foliage disease analysis, and typically, we have a natural solution verses a The S&T Family chemical treatment when possible. We offer solutions for your problems. If you have an insect shield around your property, it makes sense you would have less insect problems inside your home, as well. Doesn't it? We take necessary steps to get to the root of your problem, and solve it, rather than just a temporary fix.

As a Texan I have dealt with drainage solutions throughout my entire landscape career. I have experienced the worst drought in Texas history (between 2004-2007) that devastated all types of foliage, and we have learned to adapt to these types of climate changes. Ending the drought in May 2007, we were faced with 45 consecutive days of rain. The flooding during this time enabled us to create innovative drainage designs and solutions in order to disburse excessive water flow and build up. We have a different outlook on drainage issues, and have a multitude of solutions available. Sometimes instead of installing an extensive drainage system, we may recommend re-grading the area, and landscaping it with a faux-cobble river bed, covering a french drain pipe that transports the water out inconspicuously. Most of the time, standing water simply needs to be drained off the yard. In some cases, whenever possible, we simply re-grade the area, and leave no reason for a drain. Inevitably though, people need to transport standing or rushing water for foundation issues, leak problems, erosion control, and various other reasons.

The greatest thing about our 15 years of drainage experience is that we are landscapers! When we do your drainage job, we make it look pretty, and you get the quality that only comes from drainage problem experience. We have slide shows of pictures we have taken showing examples of our great work on professional jobs. We also have before, during, and after videos of drainage jobs that we can email customers upon request. Please feel free to ask for this information when requesting your quote. Contact us via telephone at 817-473-2103, or email us at

The irrigation aspect of our company goes hand in hand with landscaping, so we are licensed irrigation installation experts, as well as troubleshooting and repair specialists. We are well-versed in all residential and commercial systems but specialize in drip line irrigation and renovations for customer money savings, as well as for environmental reasons. We still do 60% of the standard 6 station spray heads and rotary heads sprinkler system, but we also try to educate our customers about other ways to save money during the system installation or repair. Saving money is quickly catching on!

Whether it's cutting back your monkey grass and planting a 3 gallon Azalea bush, or pouring your 20x30 cable retention garage slab with the 30x12 ft boat/RV parking pad, we are the company for you! Navigate through this website for information, email us at, or simply call us directly at 817-473-2103. We are waiting to serve you!

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