At S&T Lawn Service we value jobs - big and small. We accept weekly lawn service customers under contract, and customers that pay month to month. We don't require contracts, but we do have a 6 service minimum. We also accept customers for a "one time service" including bush trimming, leaf lean up, brush clearing, gutter flushing, haul offs, materials delivery, power washing, flower planting, bush and tree installation or removal, and all other types of landscaping needs. Rates start at $90.00 and go up from there. This means we have a minimum charge of $90.00 to do any work for someone that is not a weekly lawn maintenance customer. You may also contract us on an hourly rate.

To get started on your lawn maintenance bid, first simply determine whether or not you would like averaged billing (a 12 month contract), or have a "no contract" lawn service that can be cancelled after the 6 service minimum is met.

The term "average billing" is commonly referred to as a yearly contract. We put a list of services together with prices shown. We multiply the dollar amount of each service by the number of servicings in the year. We come up with a yearly total that is separated into 12 equal, monthly payments. The estimate is done in spreadsheet form, so you can customize your maintenance schedule to coincide with your landscape needs and budget. The terms and agreements for yearly contracts can be faxed or mailed upon customer request. Please contact us for more details.

Having a "no contract" lawn service, your monthly bill may fluctuate depending upon the number and types of services provided. As a " no contract" weekly lawn maintenance customer, you may contact the office and request additional services to be performed on the next service date.

WEEKLY LAWN RATES (once per week from April 1st through October 31st)
  • Small lots: $27.00 (minimum charge)
  • Medium lots: $30.00-$32.00
  • Large or corner lots: $35.00-$38.00
  • Oversized lots: $40.00 and up

BI-WEEKLY LAWN RATES (once every two weeks from April 1st through October 31st)
  • Small lots: $35.00 (minimum charge)
  • Medium lots: $38.00-$40.00
  • Large or corner lots: $45.00-$48.00
  • Oversized lots: $50.00 and up

CONTRACT US ON AN HOURLY RATE - We provide the necessary tools for the job.
  • 2 men $75.00 per hour (2 hour minimum)
  • 3 men $95 per hour (1.5 hour minimum)
  • 4 men $120.00 per hour (2 hour minimum)
(Materials, delivery, and dump fees are not included)
*additional men are $30 per man, per hour*

Getting an estimate is simple. Just pick up the phone and call 817-473-2103. We just need your first and last name, email address, complete property address, 2 contact numbers, and a general description of the work needing to be done.

S&T Tree Service has you protected with a one million dollar general liability insurance plan. We care about your safety and the safety of our employees. Each climber in the tree has just under $2,000 of climbing gear from Wespur Climbing equipment. We prune your trees professionally. We prune the trees to better the health of the tree itself, and we trim trees to better the health of the surrounding trees. Trees are trimmed to raise the canopy of the low lying tree limbs, and to establish the tree limbs to grow upward. Sometimes thinning out of a tree is done. This is typically thinning out some of the trees branches to allow for better light penetration. When major tree damage has been done and a tree needs some major reshaping, we recommend topping a tree. Basically cutting the tree to the lowest "most broken" limb and leveling all the rest to best match. All debris is cleaned up from the job, including tree limbs or the entire tree, and also the leaves, sticks, saw dust, and other debris remaining. We leave a happy customer and a clean appearance every time we leave the job site. Payment for all tree work is due when the job is complete. If the stump grinding is scheduled the day after the tree removal, then payment is due at time of stump grinding.

S&T Chemical Services offers a variety of services. We offer one time treatments as well as annual protection plans that guarantee results. We want your lawn to be beautiful and most importantly, we want you, the customer, to be happy. In order to have a beautiful lawn we need the customer's participation. For example, when we treat properties with a high nitrogen fertilizer in the summer, we leave a notice informing the customer to water the lawn. If the lawn is not watered with in 24 hours from the time of application, the lawn could turn a slight yellow color and even die in some areas. If we spray a specialized crab grass killer on your lawn and we leave a notice that says please do not water for 24 hours, then obviously we need your cooperation in turning off your irrigation system. We always stand behind our treatments and the programs we offer, and we need your help to ensure the effectiveness of each application. Our trained professionals are only at your property and evaluating it once every 8 weeks. If brown spot, fungus, or insect infestation strikes, damage could be done in less than a week. We need you the customer to keep an eye on your property just to make sure you don't see any irregularities. If you notice any problem signs on your turf, bushes, or trees, the best medicine is advanced treatment. Advanced treatment is treating the problem area before it becomes irreversible. Simply notify us of a possible issue, and we will send someone to evaluate and offer an appropriate solution. TDA 0577285

The pricing for our treatment programs varies depending upon the type of grass you have, the amount of shade in your lawn, if you want trees and bushes treated, and the size of the lot. We can come by your property today and visit with you to discuss your options. We can also give free estimates over the phone. Simply email us your address and we can look at your lot size on the internet.

  • One time Broad Leaf weed treatment for Bermuda grass: average price $48.00
  • One time Broad Leaf weed treatment for St. Augustine grass: average price $60.00
  • One time granule Fertilizer for Bermuda grass: average price $35.00 (yearly price is listed below)
  • One time granule Fertilizer for St Augustine grass: $38.00 (yearly price is listed below)
  • One time Grassy Weed treatment: average price $60.00 per spray. (grassy weeds normally need 2-3 consecutive sprays with in a 4 week period for guaranteed control)
  • 12 month contract for St. Augustine lawn: (6-7 treatments) average price $425.00 per year
  • 12 month contract for Bermuda lawn: (8 treatments) average price $390 per year
  • One time Insecticide treatment for lawn (3 month guaranteed shield) $45-$90 small-large property
  • One time insecticide treatment for lawn, bushes, flower beds, and exterior house perimeter (3 month guaranteed shield) $90-180 small-large property
  • 12 month insect protection plan for complete exterior of property (3 month guarantee) average price $360.00 per year for 4 treatments. Basically, if you purchase 3 treatments, we give you the fourth and final treatment for free. In order to receive this price break, you must sign up for the entire year.
  • One time Bag Worm treatment for trees and bushes (typically only one treatment needed) minimum $75.00 evaluation charge, that can be applied toward the treatment. Three to four trees on average costs around $150-$225.
  • Fire Ant treatment/Fire Ant Shield for lawn, beds, and house perimeter. This treatment is expensive for one reason only, IT WORKS! It is a combination of spray and a granule for the entire property. It treats the ants that are there and creates a shield across your entire property for one year. Sometimes if your neighbor's property is overrun with ants, the 12 month shield might be reduced a little. If you have us doing your quarterly insecticide protection plan, you won't need this expensive treatment. Ants won't ever be a problem at your property with our insect treatment programs.
  • One time Fungicide treatment for lawns and bushes. Some lawns, mainly St. Augustine grass sod, is very susceptible to getting and spreading a fungus in the Spring and Fall. If left untreated, fungus can run rampant and devastate entire lawns in a matter of just a few weeks. Fungus on a lawn starts looking like yellow, orange, and sometimes even brown circular patches. The patches can be in "wave" form, not just the typical circular patterns. We offer a powerful fungicide granule that is guaranteed to work. It can't bring back your dead grass, but can kill the flourishing fungus and help fight upcoming infections for 3 months. Our yearly chemical treatment customers have a fungicide preventative added into their spray program, so typically this will not be a problem for these customers. If signs of fungus appear, please contact us, and we will come out immediately and resolve the issue. The average charge for a lawn is $90.00.
  • Sometimes during the Spring and Fall months a white powder fungus better known as mildew fungus, grows on a variety of bushes and ornamental plants. If the mildew fungus persists, it can damage the leaves, stunt growth, and in some cases even kill the bushes. Other bushes like Indian Hawthorns and Red Tip Photena bushes develop a type of disease that some folks call "Dead Spot Disease." All these health problems can be solved with a disease control fungicide, applied in a spray form and administered by an S&T licensed professional. The average charge for bushes $75.00.
  • One time Vegetation Killer/Control: At S&T we understand the need for vegetation control/removal. For hard to access areas like pool pump equipment, fence borders, crack weeds around side walks, driveways, pool decks, and many other places, we offer 12 month guaranteed removal, as well as a specialized spray for replanting in the same area. If you plan to plant in an area that you wish to spray prior, this is your solution. The "safe spray turn around time" is only 14 days. That means that after your flower bed is sprayed, and all that pesky grass and weeds are dead, the bed can be turned and replanted in less than 2 weeks. Minimum charge $45.00. Average charge $75.00.
  • Pest and Varmint removal: We safely trap and remove from your property unwanted pests such as: Armadillos, Possums, Squirrels, and others. We simply turn the animal into animal control, or release it back into the wild at a far distance for your location. We are responsible for purchasing the trap, baiting and re-bating the trap, checking for a catch, and removing the animal from the property. The rates for this service are as follows: Average trap (materials $90.00), Bait (materials $5.00 per), check and re-bait trap fee (labor $25.00 per), remove animal once caught (labor & transport $45.00 per) AVERAGE PRICE TO CATCH A PEST/ANIMAL IS ABOUT $175-$275, BUT IT ACTUALLY WORKS!

S&T Chemical treatments Warranty Info: At S&T Landscape the most important thing for us is keeping your business. We need your help in some cases to keep you fully satisfied. For a chemical treatment plan to work, the irrigation control box must be watering in line with the scheduled treatments. Not cutting back to a "Fall" watering schedule fast enough can cause over-watering. Over-watering can cause fast and furious fungus on your St. Augustine before we even have a chance to notice it, much less treat it. If we get 3-5 days of cloudy skies and rainy days in conjunction with a customer forgetting to turn off the sprinkler system, there is going to be a giant spot of dead grass in a couple weeks or less. This may not happen in all cases, but in that one case where there is shade, exposed tree roots, with a touch of turf traffic in that area there is a possibility. Every situation is different when nature is the main culprit. In saying this, if we kill your lawn due to our negligence, we will replace the area in question. That is our commitment to you, and we stand behind you and your landscape 100%. Let us prove it to you today! Call now 817-473-2103, or email us at

S&T Sprinkler Repair Services: Pricing, Policies, and Warranty Information

At S&T Landscape we are irrigation professionals. Whether it's installing new systems, repairing them or doing money saving renovations and additions, we know your irrigation system inside and out. With any irrigation problem, finding and diagnosing the problem is a large percentage of the actual job. Therefore, we do not offer free estimates on sprinkler repairs or renovations. Our irrigation repair fees are $75.00 per hour for our licensed sprinkler technician and an additional $20.00 per hour for an experienced helper. There is a one hour minimum service fee to have a technician come to your property. One hour of labor typically gets the average residential property one or more of these repair services: a complete seasonal check and adjustment, or a location of a broken valve and repaired, re-routing pipe around where a bush/tree needs to be planted, replace 6 spray heads and 3 rotary heads, locate and fix a broken pipe, and of course have time with each of the these services to recalibrate your control box for the appropriate run time. Our hourly rates do not include parts. Parts will be billed extra and will be totaled at the end of the repair. Hourly rates are rounded up to the nearest half hour. We are fully insured for your peace of mind, and truly have you and the environment's best interests in mind. LI 0020459

S&T Sprinkler Installation Services: Pricing, Policies, and Warranty Information

New sprinkler installations are a large part of our irrigation business. We build quality irrigation systems for a fair price. Cheap prices and good quality do not belong in the same sentence in the contractor world. We bid your irrigation installation with a multitude of factors in mind, not simply your square footage. Spending an extra $925 now to make 70% of your new irrigation installation dripeline will save you thousands of dollars in the future ...FACT!

Average Sprinkler System Installation and Extras:

Average size lot with minimal flower beds (5 to 7 zones with garage mounted control box, city registered double check/back flow device, and a wireless rain and freeze sensor) $2,400-$3,300.

Above average lot or large corner lot with 4 or more flower beds (8-10 zones with garage mounted control box, city registered double check/back flow device, and a wireless rain and freeze sensor) $3,750-$4,650.

These prices are average examples. To get an exact quote please contact us. The average sprinkler installation is currently around $3,000. We do price match, and in some cases, even bid under most companies once lower bids are brought to our attention, but we also sell a better product than our competitors. Our systems are designed and constructed in a way to help you save money in the future. It's the greatest! We are making a living saving you money on an irrigation system that pays you back.

All of our new irrigation system installations come standard with a 3 year materials and labor "bumper to bumper warranty" (excluding wear and tear items listed on installation contract). We extend that warranty another 2 years on all parts. Warranties in the contractor world are only as good as the companies that are writing them. We have plenty of instances where we have warranted systems 7 and 8 years old. Take care of your system yearly, and it will take care of you. Contact us now for a free online quote at, or have us come out in person. We would love to meet with you today! (817)-473-2103. LI 0020459

Landscape Installation: Stone, Flowers, Plants, Bushes, and Trees At S&T Landscape we stand behind all of our work 100%. As landscapers we deal with the outdoors 100% of the time, and we install 75% natural materials. With this being said, we cannot control nature or be liable for the defects in "nature's" products. These products fall in the categories of stone, mortar, trees, bushes, flowers, and other foliage. We go above and beyond to mix mortar and set stone correctly, plant bushes and trees with very stringent planting procedures, and make sure all foliage installed has proper irrigation. Depending on the seasonal conditions at the time, whether it is rock or plants, all warranties are individually listed on each estimate. In some cases we offer a "bumper to bumper" 2-5 year plant, flower, and tree warranty. Other times we offer no more than a 48 hour warranty on all planting. In cases where there is only a 48 hour warranty, it is typically on properties that do not have an irrigation system, and it is in the high 90 degree range. In most situations, after we plant seasonal color and check the irrigation system, we leave the property. The customer is responsible for maintaining the watering schedule for the seasonal flowers, unless otherwise specified with a customer agreement. Every landscape renovation and installation is different, and calls for different procedures and precautions. If we feel that there are risks involved with planting in a certain location, or planting at a particular time of the year, we will tell you. If inclement weather plays a roll in some of your newly planted foliage dying, we cannot be responsible for that. Plant, bush, and tree health depends on the role Mother Nature is playing at the time. All we can do is go by the book 100% of the time, and we always get the best results! We care about having your landscape flourish and grow into the yard of your dreams! We will put your discussed warranty on paper to put your mind at ease. Pricing on flowers, bushes, plants, and trees varies depending upon inventory prices, the different seasons, and the particular area where the planting is taking place. Please call or email us a list of the materials you want installed, and we will send you a prompt quote. If you need an estimate for some beautiful landscape designing, please call to schedule your landscape evaluation today. We care about having your landscape flourish and grow into the yard of your dreams! We have slide shows of over 300 different varieties of bushes, plant, and trees that grow well here in Texas. We can email you pictures and pricing for any type of foliage from 1 gallon to 500 gallon, and email you slideshows of other landscape transformations. Contact us now! (817)473-2103 or

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